Heavy Metal Heart Festival is an event first arranged year 2006, and it is still going strong supporting metal bands - both small and more-known ones - across Europe.

The festival has been organized now all in all eleven times - first seven times in Spain and the last four times in Helsinki, Finland. In the beginning Heavy Metal Heart was partly an open air festival but it has little by little gone through a transformation into a club festival.

The basic idea of the event is to cherish metal music in all its forms and also to boost smaller bands on the metal scene further. There are lots of great unknown metal bands out there and Heavy Metal Heart wants to offer them a chance to play along side with bigger names and kick some metal ass. And all this is, of course, for all the people with metal hearts - the audience that is hungry for more and more metal!

We will work hard to make each event worth visiting - both for the bands and the metal fans.

So just to put it in a nutshell - keep your metal hearts beating, stay strong and see you in Heavy Metal Heart Festival!